About Us

For over 25 years, Touchstone has added dimension to brands. Brand soldiers; Visionaries; Game Changers are our rally cries. Ranked at #26 of over 25,000 companies, Touchstone continues to pioneer an entirely new approach to brand promotion and products.

Simply put, we are an innovative hybrid that blends an experienced promotional products agency, design studio, think tank and product development group, with a game changing methodology and approach to consumer engagement. With a focus on Lifestyle Design, we develop products that surround some of the most celebrated brands in the world.

Our approach to Design, Innovation and Engagement is challenging the norms of the promotional products industry. We get into the hearts and minds of consumers for the brands we serve. Our culture achieves this by thinking beyond the limits through our creative & courageous team and understanding brand personality in a whole new way.

Create & Inspire Brand Interaction™ ... it's what we do.